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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Moving apartments...

Most people in the United States dread the day(s) when they need to move apartments...

What follows is a (or maybe even a few) week of complete mayhem until you have "settled" in. What you don't realize is how much it takes for you to tune your biological clock to match up to changes in your habits, e.g. how early do you need to get up now to reach work in time, etc.

Eating habits? You expect them to remain the same? Dream on...I had the liberty of going home every afternoon to grab brunch, and now I have to make alternate arrangements.

I like my new apartment. I move in order to get closer to where I spend most of my time (evenings). All my sport activities are centered around my apartments and so are my friends -- it was certainly worth the effort.

I plan to put up some pics...soon to follow.


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