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Sunday, September 17, 2006

got my MacBook!

I finally got my MacBook -- one word: ROCKS!

I went for the most basic macbook edition pictured here. (Apologies, if the link is dead after a few months or so...). It was the 1.83 Intel Core Duo with 512MB RAM and 60GB HDD.

Looks wise, this is the best laptop I have ever seen. Ergonomically, Apple has done an amazingly good job or making sure that the laptop features do last for a log time to come. Some examples:

1.) MagSafe power slot: Have you walked across a room in a hurry only to find that you tripped over the power cord of your friend's laptop which then flew across the room in that melee? No more issues. The MagSafe cord will ensue quick disconnection when you yank it beyond a threshold. The magnetic feature of the power slot ensures that.
2.) CD drive: They are the slip-in variety (like the ones found in cars), rather the usual tray-based ones.
3.) Inbuilt Camera (iSight): Just too good, the resolution and the pinhole sized camera just take your breath away, not to mention the microphone alongside.
Others: soft keys, large trackpad, inbuilt Bluetooth support and he list can go on and on.

From the software perspective, Mac OS X (Tiger) is too sleek. With it's inherent security support and detection capabilities, it just takes your breath away. If you have used Solaris GUI or Linux-based XWindows, then Mac OS X is eons better than those.

An amazing value for money package, is you ask me. In fact, I'm posting this blog from my Mac...;)


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