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Friday, August 25, 2006

The "Dream"

Have most of you dreamt about day to day happenings in your life? and woken up to actually remember it? ;)

You know what they say about tends to bring in a lot of recent happenings...somehow intermingled and connected in this myriad of complicated scenarios. The worse part of dreams are: most people tend to forget it when they wake up! But if you happen to be in the minority community, try to recollect the finer aspects of the dream and you will be surprised how much detail goes into recreating it. Every teeny-weeny detail will have something to do with your likes, dislikes, events that happened, e.g. someone shouted at you, you made fun of someone, you met a girl you liked etc.

This is a dream that happened a long time ago. I did remember it after I woke up ;), and also made it a point to tell my friends about it...and because of that it has withstood the rigours of time and I can now narrate it to you.

A few characters need to be introduced and for the sake of brevity and confidentiality, they will remain unnamed, although represented by their initials.

I, Bloomiboy (B) will be the person through the eyes of whom the dream will be narrated.
AG is the male protagonist of our story.
SP - the female protagonist
SV - the silent spectator
GS - the villan

Background: AG is in love with SP.

The dream unfolds...

It's white...completely white. I'm struggling to see what's ahead of me, the light is just blinding and I wish I had my sunglasses with me. Hmmm, wait...somebody is reading my thoughts and the light seems to slowly merging with the ambience.'s about time.

Holy moly! It's a hospital! What am I doing here?! Where am I?! What's going on? Has something happened to me....?!

Just a second...I'm in the hospital waiting room, there are other people around me -- people I know AG, SV and other people I don't. Ok, so it's not me who is in trouble...BUT if I'm at the hospital, then someone I know is!!

Suddenly, I feel the temperate around me drop and my hands embrace my body as in reflex. The skin on my hands feel weird...oh, I got goose pimples...ok, one mystery solved. But still, what am I doing here!?!

Hold on, let's find out from AG and SV! After all, if they are there, there has to be a reason which they obviously know about! I turn to ask...but don't reach too far.

There's a suddence introduction of blaring music and I'm really wondering now...! Leave alone music, even people talking would be considered offensive at a hospital. No time now for that...I turn towards the direction of the music and I see a person at the far end of the coridor.

You know, sometimes I wish I stop seeing these raunchy Bollywood movies?

The person is dressed in all black, a stark contrast to the blanche hospital walls, his head covered by a black cap and his face is hidden by the flap of his coat. Coming to think of this now, I think Keanu Reeves in Matrix has the exact same dressing style! were lucky this time only because of your marketing skills!

I'm still struggling to understand what the heck is happening's all too muddled. I don't want to be a hero. I'm ready to wait till someone tells me what's going on here -- and there better be a good reason.

The Man in Black (MIB) starts his slow walk towards us.

You know, I hate the climax scences of Indian movies. Have you seen how the hero runs at one frame a second to save his babe who is probably just a few meters away from him? By the time he gets to her, you can go out and get a few cups of soda and popcorn and still not miss much.

The walk is agonizingly slow. I just wish I could run towards him -- luckily better sense prevails. Remember what happened when the "Agent" ran towards Keanu Reeves? No...I'm not ready to be obliterated...yet.

The an end...(yawn!) with the MIB standing right next to us and yet not showing his face. I feel like giving a uppercut to his jaw for making me a part of this silent movie. But wait! He lifts his head...and....AND it's GS! Our sworn enemy! Oh man! How many times have I got in trouble with this guy...and poor AG, does he know that SP is in love with GS and not him?!

Time for me to act: Should I just K.O. GS and secure AG's undying gratitude for getting SP back for him?! I wish my neurons would just fire now. Too late, GS makes his move.

He asks in a tone that is chilling, but with no other emotion attached to it: "Has SP delivered?"

--- POP ---

Dream sequence ends.


Now you must be wondering how this has to do with the predule I gave before the narration of the dream sequence.

1.) I used to tease AG a lot with SP.
2.) GS was my sworn enemy, in the sense that we have many an altercation (unrelated to SP).
3.) SV was the "silent killer" - he would make statements at the most opportune moment.
4.) The morning of the dream, I had teased AG...again.
5.) The same day, I saw GS and we exchanged mean glances.
6.) I heard about a friend of mine who went to the hospital for his fracture.
7.) I saw a Bollywood movie the same day.

So you see?
It's all a reflection of what has transpired in the past day or so that decides how your dreams are "manufactured". The more you go through, the more interesting your dreams turns out to be!

The next day, I spoke about this dream at length to AG and SV, and to this date, we remember it and laugh.

Update: SP is married now, but to neither AG or GS. And no, the last I heard, she never has had the same reason to go to the hospital...;)


At 11:14 PM, Blogger vsat said...

LOOOOOL...but what the heck was SV doing out there? There weren't any statements or anything..that day, or in the dream.

At 9:08 PM, Blogger rajablogr said...

Loki....I have only 'heard' of one of the characters in ur dream....SP lolz

At 12:20 AM, Anonymous rod said...

Venks, I am really upset that I came to know of this today after more than 5 years. I think, I should also have been the silent spectator along with SV or if there was no place in the dream, I should have been at least told of it in college.
BTW, it was AG who told me of this. Thanks AG.


At 10:22 PM, Blogger Ferocious Killer Kat said...

in btw, whose GS?? from our class?? I'm wondering..

At 9:11 AM, Blogger Bloomiboy said...

Yup, GS was not from our class...;)

Keep guessing...

At 12:09 AM, Blogger Manoj Pillai said...

ROFL.Another gr8 one. But how come AM is missing? Maybe SV scared him off...


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